• Sieve length: 3,400 mm                                        
  • Sieve drum outside diameter: 1,500mm
  • Punching diameter: Ø6mm – Ø100mm
  • Hopper opening: 1,620 x1,500mm
  • Turnings (adjustable): 5 rpm – 20 rpm
  • Driving power: 7,5 kW,
  • Footprint: 5,6×1,8 m

Rotating sieve drums are used for sieving coarse parts and tufts of chips, ideal in recycling industry.

The material is loaded in hopper from above and then it is separated.

The separated material is collected via a funnel and transported further by means of a screw conveyor or conveyor belt. Coarse parts and tufts of chips are separated on a slide at the end of the drum.

Drum screen is mounted on robust assembled construction.

Drum screen is semi-mobile.

The screen plates are made out of Hardox steel or Carbon steel.