Asco screening systems are an optimal solution when different materials need to be screened and recycled. With the right selection of the sieve lining, everything from compost to wood chips, soil, gravel, sand, building rubble to brick residues or similar materials can be sieved and thus separated cleanly. Above all, the economical recovery of usable, processable recycling material brings a significant improvement in income from transport and landfill costs.

As a specialist for premium solutions in a wide range of product technologies, Asco BH focuses on shredding technologies, screening & sorting technologies, material handling & dosing systems as well as individual machine enclosures and control cabins. The company stands for innovative and robust technology at fair prices. Customers not only benefit from the high level of technical expertise in the areas of engineering, production and quality management, but also from the extensive manufacturing and development expertise from a single source. Asco supports customers’ processes with solution-oriented and economical products.

The latest model is the Asco screening drum 1300-2100. The mobile screening machine is easy to transport and has an easy-to-use control system, adjustable support feet and a replaceable solid drum with an output of 50 t/h. The most important data: Drum length: 2,100 mm; Diameter: 1,300mm; Screening area: 7.0 m2; Hole diameter: 5-100mm; Hopper opening: 2,000 x850 mm; Filling height: 2,930 mm; Supply voltage: 380-420V / CEE-32A; Weight: 1,500kg.